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On the bridge side, you will find a long list of indicators. It is not uncommon for watches with astronomical themes to have a star chart. It shows the Milky Way and the Northern Hemisphere celestial map. The transparent stellar map was made of two sapphire disks (Fake Watches), in order to not obstruct views of the wonderful finishing on the caliber. This includes its delicately grained, see-through bridges. Also included are the ecliptic, celestial-equator and sidereal (or celestial) time displays with hours and minute. This is one of three different time indicators, along with common civil time and Equation of Time. Brands developed the specific way in which these 'additional times' were displayed. Zenith Replica Watches filled out both patents.

The new astronomical watch has three different displays, each with its own gear train. This is just one aspect that shows how complex and impressive it is. The list of complications is almost endless, and it ends with a tourbillion at the bottom. It also has a power-reserve display that shows its three-week power reserve. The watchmaker equipped the movement with six barrels that are paired in threes to achieve such a large power reserve.

The twin faces on this impressive newcomer are actually an opaline slate grey, although they appear black in the promotional images. The dial is adorned with 18 K gold hour markers and hands. Its bridge side has a matte finish. The stunning celestial map at the back is not the only feature that will impress. Also, the three-dimensional decorations of the Sun-Earth Moon alignment display and the lifelike engravings on moon representation are also impressive.

The hand-wound mechanical Caliber3600 is used to power the watch with reference number 9720C/000G. In addition to the above characteristics, the watch also features 64 jewels and operates at a lower frequency of 2.5Hz. Like all other Zenith Replica Watches recent movements, IWC Replica Watches also bears the Hallmark Geneva. This is a strict certification that ensures only the best materials are used and that there are exceptional horological characteristics. This also means that the movement has been hand-finished and decorated with high-end materials.

Zenith Replica Watches-Constantin Les Cabinotiers Celestia astronomical Grand Complication, due to its complexity, is only made in one copy. On the back of this white gold case, you can see the engraving "Piece unique", which is next to the engraving "Les Cabinotiers".